Maria João Bahia’s name is recognized today, both in Portugal and Internationally, as an original and unique jewellery author. Her creations are exquisit pieces where metals and precious stones combine perfectly between art and luxury creating a unique jewel. It is in her atelier, shop and workshop in the heart of Lisbon, on Avenida da Liberdade, 102 where she idealizes her world of creativity.

"The jewels are my passion. Creating jewellery is making stories come true, it’s turning memories into beautiful timeless objects. Wearing a jewl makes you feel strong. A jewel is always a companion, it will make you more beautiful, more alive... My studio is my refuge; it is where I create, where I think and where I develop my work. It is my professional home. I feel extremely privileged when I'm there."



Maria João Bahia
  • Celebrar Fátima

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  • Venus Ring

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  • Amazon Earrings

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  • Oracle Necklace

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  • Universe Necklace

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10 May 2017

"I was inspired by human imperfection and our equality in the eyes of God" - VIP

Coinciding with the coming of Pope Francis to Portugal, Maria João Bahia created a collection of religious jewels, with the name Celebrar Fatima.   Her name doesn´t need introduction. Maria João Bahia is a jewelry designer, with a recognized career inside and outside of Portugal. To...
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08 May 2017

Maria João Bahia in a private audience with Pope Francis

Maria João Bahia was last week in a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican in Rome to present her new collection: Celebrar Fátima, in honor of the Centenary of the Apparitions of Fatima. In this meeting, Maria João Bahia offered to Papa Francisco, one of the pieces celebrating Fatima, the...
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26 April 2017

Fátima’s Apparitions inspire the new collection of the Jewelry Designer Maria João Bahia

  Maria João Bahia, a famous portuguese jewelry designer, who celebrated her 30th career anniversary in 2015, has just presented her latest collection of jewels, called Celebrar Fatima. Created in the occasion of the Apparitions' Centenary, which is celebrated this year, the collection is...
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10 April 2017

"It's all about stories" - Marketeer

This is how Maria João Bahia, one of the most international Portuguese jewelery designers, defines her collections. She likes to look at the world and its stories and replicate them in unique objects. That's how it was 35 years ago. A work that has led her to settle in Avenida da Liberdade and that...
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Alain Boucheron

Alain Boucheron

"Through the eyes of Maria João Bahia... "

For the pieces gathered in this exposition, Maria João Bahia found her inspiration in a never-ending source: the planet itself. She chose to observe the four elements: water, earth, air, fire, capturing their energy and translating it into the language of aesthetics that is her own. Thus, her gaze is far more than an act of observation; it is an opening to the vibrations of matter and light. With gold, pearls, coral, it raises harmonies that find resonance in all of us.
Maria João Bahia was born to shapes and volumes. At twenty she abandoned university to integrate a jewellery workshop. Her sensitivity to the universe soon meant exhibitions in numerous countries, including the United States.
Nothing is innocent, Maria João Bahia is a woman. Creative woman jewellery are rare. Some, like Jeanne Toussaint or Gabrielle Chanel, marked their time and continue to inspire contemporary jewellery. I also rejoice that - man or woman - genuine creators have the opportunity to express themselves, with the support of professionals and the public.
As a jeweller, one thing strikes me: these pieces are valuable items that one can acquire as such, while also being highly portable jewels for any elegant and refined woman. This jewellery is modern, because it is timeless. Nature through the eyes of Maria João Bahia is also a look at the eternal feminine.