History of the Brand

The distinctive style and sophisticated brand of Maria João Bahia, makes her one of the most well-known Portuguese jewellers. Born into a family of artists, Maria João Bahia developed an early passion for the world of art and design. From the very beginning creativity has been the essence of her brand. Her distinctive style, imaginative designs and magnificent jewellery pieces are carefully handcrafted with special attention to detail and thus each piece becomes more than jewellery, but a work of art. With 30 Years in the business, Maria João Bahia, today is widely acknowledged as one of the most respected designers, creative visionaries and innovative entrepreneurs. Her company, located at Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon, is recognized as one of the prestigious jewellery firms in Portugal. The core business of the brand focuses on making unique Author’s jewellery. In addition to jewellery the company also has a design branch, where the products are made in limited editions.

The Brand

The company Bahia, Joias de Autor has been in the market since 1985, dedicates itself to the manufacture and commercialization of author's jewelery.


The company has a manufacturer's license and license to use trademarks of Portuguese Contrastarias with the approval of INCM (Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda, SA). It is also certified for official valuations in auctions, asset sharing and insurance. The Bahia brand, Joias de Autor, is registered internationally and all pieces are marketed with a certificate of authenticity. Metals and precious stones are bought with certificate of origin and the company has been working for many years with a portfolio of specialized suppliers, and there is a very solid relationship of trust.

What we do

The company Maria João Bahia dedicates itself fundamentally to the creation of author's jewelry, unique pieces, exclusive, designed by the author who uses noble metals and precious stones in their confection. The creation of these pieces often results in the request of Customers who opt for a personalized piece, designed for a special occasion.


In addition to the author's pieces, Maria João Bahia also designs jewelry collections as well as design pieces for decoration, tableware and fashion accessories that are available in the store and on the site in limited editions.


The jewels have the power to mark unique moments. Order your jewelry to think of someone special send your drawing or photograph to . All the jewels have a history, the life story of each of us.

Mission and Values

Maria João Bahia assumes herself as a creator of dreams. Create jewels that tell stories and convey symbolism. The exclusivity is not in closed door service, but in the parts themselves. "The pieces tell stories and stories are unique, they are the story of who buys them ... Joia is mystery, secret and dazzle."


Maria João Bahia prides herself on having a business that gives her recognition as a jeweler and allows her to continue creating and giving life to clients' dreams. In his career and in the management of the business he defends three daily values: Work, Determination and Credibility.


Av. da Liberdade, N.º 102
1250-145 Lisboa, Portugal

Business hours​
Monday to Friday 10h00-20h00
Saturdays 10h30-18h30
Closed on Sundays / 01 January / 01 May / 25 December

T. +351 21 324 00 18/19/20



How to get​
Bus Carris 709, 711, 732, 736
Metro Linha Azul Avenida/Restauradores