"I was inspired by human imperfection and our equality in the eyes of God" - VIP

Coinciding with the coming of Pope Francis to Portugal, Maria João Bahia created a collection of religious jewels, with the name Celebrar Fatima.
Her name doesn´t need introduction. Maria João Bahia is a jewelry designer, with a recognized career inside and outside of Portugal. To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Fatima, the jeweler was last week in a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican in Rome to present her new collection: Celebrar Fátima, in honor of the Centenary of the Apparitions of Fatima. But the relationship of Maria João Bahia with the Vatican is not new. All because, when Benedict XVI came to Lisbon in 2010, she was chosen to design a shrine that was offered to the emeritus Pope and that is today in his private chapel in the Vatican.
VIP - What is the Celebrar Fatima collection?
Maria João Bahia - This collection was based on the phrase that Pope Benedict XVI told the Portuguese bishops: " “I’m delighted to think about Fátima as a faith school with the Virgin Mary as its Master; There she raised her cathedral to teach the little Seers and then the crowds, the eternal truths and the art of praying, believing and loving”
What inspired you?
The human imperfection and its equality in the eyes of God.

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