"It's all about stories" - Marketeer

This is how Maria João Bahia, one of the most international Portuguese jewelery designers, defines her collections. She likes to look at the world and its stories and replicate them in unique objects. That's how it was 35 years ago. A work that has led her to settle in Avenida da Liberdade and that can affirm it even more worldwide, after the opening of the online store.
Creating jewellery is making stories come true, it’s turning memories into beautiful timeless objects. The vision belongs to Maria João Bahia, a jewelry designer, who has become a reference as an original and unique jewellery author.

The first atelier opened in 1985, after a course and two practical stages. And the first invitations (and travels) soon followed. She starts by working for clients, followed by individual exhibitions. But always, with organic materials as the base of her jewelry.
Jewelry that differentiated and guided this course, which is being interspersed with requests from big companies…as it is the case of the trophies, which began with the design of the Golden Globes, for SIC, and that still continues to extend. She also developed pieces for some banking institutions, or shows ... produced by Filipe La Féria. "I did a lot of theater props, which are pieces that have to be much larger," she recalls.

Despite everything, Maria João Bahia still asks herself today, at times, how she came into this circuit. The "obstacles were huge." But the obstinate will and determination that characterized her were the commanding factors. Today, in terms of choosing some projects in particular, she suggests a limited edition for Hermès, a shrine for Pope Benedict XVI, during his visit to Lisbon, and some unique jewels for her clients.
M.ª João Vieira Pinto.
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