Maria João Bahia in a private audience with Pope Francis

Maria João Bahia was last week in a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican in Rome to present her new collection: Celebrar Fátima, in honor of the Centenary of the Apparitions of Fatima.

In this meeting, Maria João Bahia offered to Papa Francisco, one of the pieces celebrating Fatima, the Resplendor, a piece that deserved the Fatima's Shrine Seal  and "symbolizes the brilliance of the union between us all in the eyes of God."

In the words of Maria João, "this meeting was very special and emotional for me. I will always remember it as one of the most remarkable moments of my life".

Maria João Bahia explains the piece she offered:At the center of this piece is a Symballein Cross, made of irregular silver plates, symbolizing the humankind with all its imperfections. In our imperfections is the desire for perfection, for acceptance, for love, for union and for peace. Natural imperfection is the beauty of the uniqueness, the individuality of each one of us.

The three pearls represent the Three Little Shepherds, who welcomed and lived the presence of God in their lives through Mary; Five gold plates representing the symbols Ichthys, the Portugal Cross, the Annunciation of Jesus Birth, the Star of the Apostles and Our Lady. In the center of the cross, Maria João Bahia also placed a gold box that holds a Quercus leaf, in honor of the tree where Our Lady appeared.

This chalice, based on a silver base, is filled with soil of Fatima and on the top we find a silver sconce that supports the white candle, symbol of life. When lighted, it symbolizes the presence of God in all of us. In the back of this piece, the author engraved "Centenary of Fatima", in honor to the Fatima’s Apparitions celebration.


More information about Resplendor here.