Wedding Rings

One of the most important moments in the life of a couple is their wedding.

Each couple has their story of love, passion, commitment and the dream of living together. It is your story, with its details, its unique moments, that serve as inspiration for the creation of the wedding ring.

Each woman has a unique personality and each groom sees his beloved in a special way, so in the studio, and with the help of Maria João Bahia, we create a unique jewel for you.

Wedding rings are the symbol of making a dream come true.

The Perfect Ring!

If you seek differentiation, originality and keeping memories forever of the most special moments of life – such as birthdays, wedding proposals, wedding, christening or other special date – the designer Maria João Bahia has always the perfect jewel for you!

… and because your story as a couple is the basis of the jewel’s creation, don’t forget to share with us the symbolic moments that you want to see reflected in the piece!

"When I saw it I was amazed that, in a few days, Maria João had created a work of art. It is difficult to explain what it feels like when you see such a beautiful engagement ring. You feel that it represents perfectly what love is about and you feel the commitment of “being together forever”.

Maria João Bahia achieved all this. It was a difficult task and she was never scared of the challenge. There were many stories that I intended the ring to tell and, one by one, they were all there. That ring is a box of surprises!"

Peu Madureira

"When I saw the ring for the first time I was literally speechless. I didn't know what to say or what to think. I was quiet, looking at the ring and wondering how it is possible to have come out as perfect and ideal as I had imagined."

António Mello

"On the day I saw the ring, I was ecstatic, Maria João really made it! I had a feeling of accomplishment and confidence, as the ring undoubtedly showed our story and was the perfect ring for her, brilliant, elegant and unique."

Miguel de Lara


First contact with the designer where all the “symbolic moments” that the bride and groom want to see reflected in the piece to be created are revealed.


Maria João Bahia presents a drawing with her interpretation of the “symbolic moments” revealed for analysis and final approval.


The perfect ring is ready!

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