Keeping the original concept of the piece, combined with a contemporary design, bring your old jewels and share your stories and moments, so that the designer Maria João Bahia presents you with some solutions for the rebirth of your jewel.

The Jewel of Dreams!

If you have old jewels, Maria João Bahia will turn them into new special jewels.

"All objects are closely linked to Maria João Bahia's sensitivity and talent, due to the way she works with materials and stones, mixing them chromatically with wood, crystals, pearls or bone, in an intimate relationship between the piece and the end to which it is intended. They are timeless, due to the versatility of their forms, but revealing a modern touch, characterized by the revaluation of the art of jewelery.

Inês Morais Viegas


Maria João Bahia asks you how you would like to reformulate your jewel, what’s the story of the jewel, the relationship between you and your precious jewel and your dream about how you intend the jewel to be transformed.


Maria João Bahia outlines some possibilities, adding, or not, materials, so that it becomes exactly like the client’s dream.


The final result is a completely new and charming jewel with the same memories and emotions of the past.

“En tant que joailler, un chose me frappe: ces pièces sont des objets précieux que l’on peut admirer en tant que tels, et en mêmes temps ce sont des joyaux éminemment portables, par toute femme élegante et raffinée. Ces bijoux sont modernes, parce qu’ils son intemporels.”

Alain Boucheron

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