Mother’s Day | Maria João Bahia & CUF

Medalha em prata para batizado com a frase "Anjo da guarda, minha companhia, guarda a minha alma de noite e de dia".

“Guardian angel my company, keep my soul night and day. “ To make the celebration of Mother’s Day unforgettable, and to make this moment timeless in her life, Maria João Bahia and CUF join in highlighting the essence of the secret of being a mother. On this day all mothers are celebrated through a medal […]

MJB at the Table’.

These images carry us to other thoughts, quite different from those we are currently experiencing. By making the table the centrepiece of our reunion, we transpose into this magical space all our joy, all our love, all our strength. The size, the shape, the location of the table are not important. What is important is […]


GALLERY, is the collection that represents the jewel as an art object, and leads us to reflect the possibility of wearing art in our daily lives. It is in partnership with the fascinating Brisa gallery where the visual art are contrasted with the pieces of jeweller and designer Maria João Bahia.  In the heart of […]

Maria João Bahia & Healsi

After ten years of incessant research into the quality of spring water, Healsi emerged. As a premium water brand with rare characteristics, Healsi essentially affirms that values such as purity, sophistication and health should always be present in its product. Thus, more than a source of hydration and life, it represents itself as a symbol […]

‘Life & Art’

Chá do Dia da Mulher organizado pela Maria João Bahia

Following on Women’s Day, I want to recall here a recent initiative that took place in my store at Avenida da Liberdade: I invited seven friends to talk about the importance of Art in our lives.It was a successful experience, of reflection, within the scope of a project that I intend to expand and repeat […]


‘Fashion Avenue’ by Maria João Bahia Fashion Avenue’, Maria João Bahia’s new campaign celebrates the most charming avenue in Lisbon where trends and fashion pulse! The pavement designs, the typical kiosks of Lisbon urban architecture set the tone for the paths leading to the four-storey Pombalino building, where versatile and contemporary jewellery shines in the shop […]


Suffering a strong influence of light along the creative process, the jewels chosen for this summer selection reflect the colors and the textures of the hot season in single pieces. Original and Exclusive, they embrace the season with extra doses os Sophistication. Blue and yellow Topazes, Emeralds, Pearls, Turquoises, Diamonds, among other gems are part […]


‘Like a Queen’ by Maria João Bahia Like a Queen, Maria João Bahia’s most recent jewellery series, pays tribute to female coqueterie. In this new range, once again a fetish exuberance is reaffirmed, very dear to the author and designer, for the profusion of colours and the unusual conjunction of precious stones. As we have always […]


Order Rings by Maria João Bahia “Love does not change from hour to hour, Rather it is affirmed for eternity“. – William Shakespeare An order ring crystallizes passion and commitment.  The offer of a unique jewel that, according to tradition, symbolizes the moment before the wedding, overflows a load of emotion. It is a promise of […]


FEMALE NATURE  by Maria João Bahia The delicacy in details and the perfect combinations of materials chosen by Maria João Bahia turn the pieces of this campaign into small art objects. It stands ou an iconic piece – the Coral Choker, in which baroque pearls are attached to twisted yellow gold threads with small segments […]

The Typical Filigree

FILIGREES by Maria João Bahia Typical and traditional, the filigree is a technic of ancient Portuguese jewelry often present in Maria João Bahia’s creations, reinterpreted through modern and daring design. Maria João Bahia mixes the delicate work of very thin gold threads of different forms with gems, in a harmonious and unusual way.