Gastro-Jewelry is a fusion of two universes of great Creativity and Art. This is a novel concept that brings Life, Exclusivity, and Refinement to your table. These are versatile pieces wich embellish your events and make a difference.

Corals Plate
Tulips, Corals & Turquoise Bowl
Waves Plate
Coral & Turquoise Plate
Pheasant Feet
Pheasant Feet with Agatha
Decoration & Lifestyle

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Av. da Liberdade 102, 1250-145 Lisboa


Yellow gold, white gold, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, pearls or emeralds…-the possibilities and combinations in the large universe of jewelry are countless. All our pieces arise from a perfect match between different materials, chosen with the criteria of highest quality. Gold and gems make each creation a unique and exquisite piece bearing the signature of Maria João Bahia.

Each piece is a story, an enchantment, a moment, a memory, a passion, a life. Our pieces transform those who wear them!