FASHION AVENUE by Maria João Bahia

    ‘Fashion Avenue’ celebrates the Av. da Liberdade,  the most charming avenue in Lisbon where trends and fashion are!

    The sidewalk designs, the typical kiosks of Lisbon’s urban architecture set the vibe for the paths that lead to the four-story traditional portuguese building, where versatile jewells with contemporary design shine in the shop windows and invite you to a fun afternoon with Maria João Bahia!

    An edition of jewells that can be used for both day and night, with the designer’s usual creativity in mixing precious materials such as pearls, diamonds, gold, corals and various precious gemstones, involved in organic and a very exclusive design, which leave no doubts there is beauty in the world.

    Unique and timeless, Maria João Bahia’s pieces are versatile. Combinations of original materials, a feature present in Maria João Bahia’s creations, which, through their textures, tones and colors, reflect a strong feminine presence.







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