Yellow gold, white gold, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, pearls or emeralds…-the possibilities and combinations in the large universe of jewelry are countless. All our pieces arise from a perfect match between different materials, chosen with the criteria of the highest quality. Gold and gems make each creation a unique and exquisite piece bearing the signature of Maria João Bahia.

Each piece is a story, an enchantment, a moment, a memory, a passion, a life. Our pieces transform those who wear them!

Each Piece is a Work of Art!

The author jewelry is dedicated to all art lovers, especially jewels with a signature, jewels with identity, and jewels with feelings.

This is an exclusive concept, which does not follow fashion or trends, which is suitable for a daily routine of all those who appreciate making a difference in the environment, be it the most casual or refined.

With the concept tailor-made and self-production, we have all the requirements to draw and conceive the jewel that best fits the story of your life. Share with us your story and we will immortalize your message.





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The Brand

Founded in 1985, the brand Maria João Bahia stands out in the market as one of the most original brands of author jewelry. Art, luxury and originality are the starting point for the creation of unique jewellery and silver pieces!