LIKE A QUEEN by Maria João Bahia

    Like a Queen, the latest jewellery collection by Maria João Bahia, pays homage to female coquetterie. In this new collection, once again an American exuberance is reaffirmed, very expensive for the author and designer, due to the profusion of colours and the unusual combination of precious stones.

    With names as suggestive as Imperatriz, New Worlds, Discoveries, Ignite Generation, as parts of this series launched in the blink of an eye to the common past of the Portuguese, to its history made of grandiose moments that teenagers celebrate. At the same time, jewellery Like a Queen has in common or design to display an image of a woman, as has been the status since time immemorial.

    The objective is always intended as today as before: to emphasize the role of jewellery as an object of feminine adornment. Glows and alternative reflex thanks to the movement under the incidence of light, whatever the piece – rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces or chokers.

    Unique and timeless, Maria João Bahia's pieces are so versatile that they can give wings to the creativity of those who use them by mixing them with different concepts and environments.

    Combinations of original materials, a feature that is always present in the creations of Maria João Bahia, which through their textures, tones and colours, reflect a strong female presence.







    Alfinete com pérola barroca, ametista, diamantes, safiras, esmeraldas e ouro branco

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