Maria João Bahia & Healsi

After ten years of incessant research into the quality of spring water, Healsi emerged. As a premium water brand with rare characteristics, Healsi essentially affirms that values such as purity, sophistication and health should always be present in its product. Thus, more than a source of hydration and life, it represents itself as a symbol of an inspiring lifestyle.

“A eternidade é aquilo a que aspiramos. Saúde e beleza são atributos que procuramos manter eternos.” (Healsi)

Allied to this eternity concept, Healsi’s partnership with the Designer and Jeweller Maria João Bahia emerges. With more than 35 years of career, Maria João Bahia also confirms her desire to create Eternal Jewels. It is in the design of organic forms, in which she combines different materials with diverse precious stones, that the Jeweller creates artifacts that express and carry within themselves the most unique stories, memories, emotions and feelings.

“Criar Jóias é materializar histórias, é transformar memórias em belos objetos intemporais.” (Maria João Bahia)

This Special Edition aims to eternalize the feeling of Motherhood, through an unforgettable gift, a Heart of Viana in Portuguese filigree, designed by Mother and Jeweller Maria João Bahia.



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