Order Rings by Maria João Bahia

Love does not change from hour to hour, Rather it is affirmed for eternity“.

 William Shakespeare

An order ring crystallizes passion and commitment.  The offer of a unique jewel that, according to tradition, symbolizes the moment before the wedding, overflows a load of emotion. It is a promise of love and happiness, a project for the future, in a frame that perpetuates an ancestral habit.

For Maria João Bahia, the rings of request gather the attention that the most significant moments of affective relationships deserve. The jewellery house cherishes this particular department of her specialized production.

She dialogues with the bride and groom, listening to their personal and non-transferable love stories, and transfers to an attractive and delicate object destined to shine on the bride’s ring finger the deep feeling and expectations of a life begun by two. Intimate moments reported in whisper are transformed into abstract symbologies in a ring that tells much more than it seems… like a secret vault full of confidences.

There are no limits to the audacity in the composition of the ring. It wants to be contemporary, imagined at the taste of the parade of memories: precious stones of various origins find their design as the starting point of a unique creative adventure. The design of the jewel continues guided by the talent of the designer. Maria João Bahia supervises the remaining stages of the professional process of designing the order ring until its completion. The dreamed jewel, perfect, dazzles in fullness. Irrepeatable, only to the bride and groom. It seals a promise of unconditional love.



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