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Summertime by Maria João Bahia is more than a collection, it is a personal selection of the Portuguese jeweler that gives color and shape to the pieces of the homonymous brand.

With a strong influence of light in the creative process, the jewels in the new summer line reflect the colors and textures of the hot season in unique, original and exclusive pieces, which embrace the season with an extra dose of sophistication.

Blue and yellow topaz, emeralds, pearls, turquoise, diamonds, among other precious stones, are part of these new creations, which combine the luxury of designer jewelery with the artistic universe. And to emphasize this connection, and to highlight light as the central theme of the collection, the photo shoot of the new campaign was set against the backdrop of MAAT, the new Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology in the Portuguese capital.

About this new summer project by Maria João Bahia, Vogue spoke to the designer.

Of the pieces in this Summertime selection, which ones do you highlight and why?

The yellow gold necklace with baroque pearls and yellow gold threads intertwined (reflections) and the white coral necklace (ocean) with red corals, pearls and various precious stones. They are two very different necklaces but they convey a lot of freshness and beauty, composed of several types of stones but which have in common the baroque pearls.1 / 21


The theme of this selection is related to Light, reflections and refraction, but what other parameters guided the final choice of pieces for this Summertime?

All of these jewels aim to transmit emotions and unique sensations to those who use them. Jewellery enhances personality and conveys security and beauty to women.

In the summer, does Maria João bet more on necklaces, rings or earrings?

The earrings give light and joy to the woman’s look and value her. Necklaces are an adornment that I always use, I feel more confident and it’s a jewel that sets us apart. The rings are an integral part of me, they tell my memories, it’s me.

Maria João Bahia’s store is located at Av. Da Liberdade 102, in Lisbon, and is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 8 pm, and Saturdays from 10:30 am to 6 pm.

Source: Vogue (July, 2018)



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