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The new jewelry collection “Will You”, by Maria João Bahia

The jewelry collection entitled “Will You”, by Maria João Bahia, is inspired by the big question “Do you want to marry me?”, Where the only possible answer should be a huge “Yes!”.

Details about the new collection

“Will You” is a careful selection of earrings and rings, made with the utmost attention to detail and coated with sublime elegance. However, elegance is not only present in the collection, but also in the name of the pieces.

"Will You" by Maria João Bahia
What are the options?

Maria João Bahia created four models of earrings in white or yellow gold: Flower Pearls, Drops of Diamonds, Precious Tree, Pearls and Fancy. Therefore, she can fall in love with one or several models of earrings in this collection! However, “Will You” also offers rings, as mentioned above, which can be made of diamonds, pearls, sapphires and topaz: Flower Topaz, Pearls Bouquet, Deep Blue, Blue Waterlily and Diamond Waterlily.

What about gold?

All pieces in the collection are made in 19.25kt white or yellow gold.

More information about Maria João Bahia

Maria João Bahia was born in Lisbon in 1962 and her brand with the same name is quite renowned at a national level.

To find out more about Maria João Bahia’s products and services, you can access her website, under the name of Lojas com Histórias. Here you can also get to know the store, the Bahia project and the space. What about the new elegant collection “Will You”, by Maria João Bahia? Also, don’t forget to visit our blog to be up to date with all the news and trends of weddings!

Source: Noivas de Portugal (July, 2020)



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