Sábado | Get to know the history and the journey of the jeweler Maria João Bahia

“I was exactly your age,” said jeweler Maria João Bahia, speaking of the date she started her own business. “Although I started the jewelery course in 1981, it was in 1985 that I started working alone.” Today with a consolidated career, the jeweler did not always intend to dedicate herself exclusively to the design and […]

Vogue | A ray of light

Summertime by Maria João Bahia is more than a collection, it is a personal selection of the Portuguese jeweler that gives color and shape to the pieces of the homonymous brand. With a strong influence of light in the creative process, the jewels in the new summer line reflect the colors and textures of the […]

Forbes | Maria João Bahia: Life in the jewels

Passionate about the atelier, where she tries to go every day, the designer reveals that in the next four years she will dedicate herself to the internationalization of the brand. Without ever failing to create. She celebrates 32 years of career, a few more decades of life, and she is sure that she has taken […]