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Who is Maria João Bahia

A creator of dreams. Maria João Bahia is recognized by the elegance of her creations, by the ability to combine noble metals, precious gem stones and organic shapes, transforming them into incredible master pieces. In her hands, jewels become art.


“Jewels are my passion. Creating jewels is making stories come true, it’s turning memories into beautiful timeless objects. Wearing a jewel makes you feel strong. A jewel is always a companion, it will make you feel more beautiful, more alive! My studio is my refuge. It’s where I create, where I think and develop my work. It’s my second home, where I feel extremely privileged to be.”

The Creative Process

From simple ideas, to the first drafts and finally master pieces. The creative process begins with the stories and conversations with clients, friends and family. Understanding emotions and capturing moments is a stepping stone in beginning the first drafts, where the ideas start to happen. An idea can become a piece, but an already existing material can also become an idea.

It’s a refined process that requires a creative mind and skillful hands to handle such exquisite materials. The dazzling colorful pieces are the result of an exhaustive effort throughout the entire process.

Inspired by you and nature

Inspiration comes from everywhere. The ability to understand and absorb information, to get inspired from almost anything, it’s what makes Maria João Bahia style so unique, contemporary and multicultural. With a continuous innovation in mind, all the pieces bring something new and special without losing the timeless aspect that an exclusive jewel must have.

When we breakdown the source of inspiration of each piece, we can find three core aspects: client’s history and experiences, nature and Maria João Bahia introspection. It’s important to listen and interpret all the surroundings, to transform ideas and materialize them. The inspiration, combined with a refined creative process, lead to a soulful jewel or design piece.


Maria João Bahia was born in 1962 and grew up in a family of plastic artists. Started a law degree but soon realized her calling was designing jewels.

From an internship at Manuel Alcino & Raul Ferreira shop, took her only three years to establish her own small shop in 1985 at Rua da Madalena. In 1987 her first line of jewels was already being exhibited in New York and auctioned at Manhattan Cachet NY.

In 1998 moved her shop to Hotel D. Pedro Amoreiras and in 2000 published a book about her work, in invitation from the Lisbon City Hall. After buying the building nr 102 at Avenida da Liberdade in 2005, finally moved her studio and shop to where you can now find the most amazing luxurious creations.

After many invitations and special collections, celebrated 30 years of career in 2015 and is now established as one of the biggest names in jewellery design.

The best materials

Maria João Bahia uses a wide range of materials, from precious gem stones to noble metals. At its core, the pieces are made from 19.2 carats gold but you can also find pieces in sterling silver. 

In general, the dynamic and organic shapes come from the stone or stones used in each piece. Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Topazes, Amethysts, Corals, Peridotos, Lazúli Pencil and Turquoise are some of the stones you can find in Maria João Bahia jewels and are those who better represent the interpretation of the author.


It is through the color, the brilliance, the form, the cut, the weight and the energy these stones transmit, that Maria João Bahia gives wings to his imagination and creates her pieces, all of they are chosen with amazing dedication. They represent a trademark in Maria João Bahia pieces.

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