Wedding Rings Workshop

A magical moment, where the couple can watch and partake of the process – create their wedding rings-. From fusion to polish, all details are deeply explained by our team and Maria João Bahia.

"An amazing experience! Being part of the manufacturing process is unforgettable."

The duration of the workshop is about 2 hours, full of moments of interaction between the couple, the author Maria João Bahia and our jeweller as well as the team. Both have more than  30 years of experience in the “world” of alchemy. The detail and precision of the couple are tested in a relaxed and good-humored way.

The couple is received at the  Workshop with a welcome drink. Moment of sharing, conviviality and full of love. After finishing the conception process, the newlyweds return to this space and tell us more about the experience and the importance of the moment.



The couple can choose between several types of ring. The Almond, Half-cane, Ring, Open, Round/square wire or other.


Depending on their preference, the couple can opt for a thinner or thicker ring. As well as the finish: Matte, Polished or Striped.


White or yellow gold 19.25 kt


It includes:
– Names/ Letters (Portuguese alphabet up to 15 letters);
– Numbers/dates up to 8 numbers;
(Not included: logos, icons, other alphabets, images and fingerprints.)


Stone setting is not included in the initial budget.

The perfect gift!

Offer this unique "Wedding Rings Workshop" experience. Contact us or visit our Boutique at Av. da Liberdade, 102, Lisbon.

“To remember…”

A small personalized film of the entire session is given to the couple, as well as photographs.